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9 September
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i am a superfan...i like pink tulips, cherry coke, frank sinatra, striped socks, babies, my best friend jenny, playing super mario brothers, drinking out of straws, nick hornby, ben and jerrys, orange juice...vampires, being a superfan, not eating meat, kissing, t shirts, putting hidden valley original ranch dressing on everything, m-a-double t, flip flops, writing prose, rocky horror picture show, hair dye, the red line, sneakers, trading spaces, crying, peanut m&ms, wearing pajamas all day, pagan kennedy, ISU, photo frames, double J, root beer, holding hands, french, sweaters, reading online journals, oriental flavored ramen, words and grammar, shows, impressionistic art, veggie subs from subway, jersey sheets, being "a suburb," the sopranos, giggle fits, red, sleeping on the outside edge of the bed, the metro, hooded sweatshirts, john irving, photography and my dark room, lemonade, slippers, mix tapes, star shapes, biting, days of the week panties, VW beetles, audrey hepburn, lip balm, candles, smoothies, girl, interrupted...